Frontend Development


We develop with best practices in mind to create optimized and rock solid solutions. From semantic HTML and responsive design to good structure and clean code. Bootstrap and foundation are handy tools in this environment.

Angular JS

Experience with building web applications using the popular and powerful AngularJS framework. Single page application designed to deliver the same functionalities and feutures usually reservered for desktop applications.


To make modern websites, the usage of javascript is indispensable. On top of standard usage, adding client side behavior to client pages and making pages dynamic we use a wide array of javascript libraries to enrich the content we provide

UI/UX Design

Application interfaces from the ground up, following the full process from concept to product. We also do web design for both bigger and smaller websites.

SEO Optimization

SEO friendly structure, semantic HTML, optimized content and minified code. Everything in order to make your website stand out in the crowd on search engines.

React / Redux

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. SEO friendly, fast, unidirectional dataflow combined with redux provides a framework for next generation UI.

Backend Development


Experience with a range of Microsoft Asp.Net technologies including: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Api, ASP.Net Web Pages. Developing complex and large applications using ORM frameworks, from requirement gathering to testing. Hybrid applications that use part of the .Net stack for backend; Usage of SignalR if real time two way communication is required.


No project is to small or too big. Our experience says that WordPress is a great CMS for small/medium projects, where a user friendly backend is priority number one. On the other hand, Laravel is a great framework we are working with when building bigger applications, more customized to fulfill the needs of the project.


For light-weight REST / JSON api, that wrap other datasources and expose them as JSON interfaces. As backend for single page apps that require the ability to process many requests per second with low response time.

Relational DB

DBMS are the most widespread DB in use, with almost unlimited use scenarios. Expertise with both free software products as MySQL and Postgres SQL as well as MSSQL. Note that Postgres has support for JSON type columns, so it is possible to use it as a hybrid database as needed.


For applications that are working with massive volumes of new, rapidly changing data types; structured, semi-structured or unstructured relational databases don't cut it and NoSQL solutions are needed. Experience with classics like MongoDb or DocumentDb, as well as realtime databases like Firebase or good old Redis.

Cloud computing

Experience with the biggest Cloud providers (Azure, AWS), from the creation of VM to using application or databases as services. Scalable, flexible and outsourcing the maintenance


ASP.NET Core is a free and open-source web framework, and the next generation of ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft and the community. It is a modular framework that runs on both the full .NET Framework, on Windows, and the cross-platform .NET Core. Running on a completely new stack, it is a cloud optimized runtime that is completely distributed and highly agnostic.


No project is to small or too big. Our experience says that WordPress is a great CMS for small/medium projects, where a user friendly backend is priority number one. Drupal and Prestashop are other CMS tools that we have used for different projects.

Design and Branding

Graphical design

We have experience working with package design, flyers, branding as well as other graphical material.


We have worked with multiple brands, both developed them from scratchand worked with re-branding already existing brands.

Promotion material

Everything from newsletters, flyers and paper material to t-shirts, signs and billboards.


We love being part of creating new packaging designs for different products. Helping our clients give their product a package that will help them succeed with their goals.

Web design

UI/UX design is one of our biggest passions. From promotional websites to ecommerce sites and bigger systems.

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