This is who we are

Behind .east is a team of developers, designers, IT specialists and project managers providing our clients with the best software solutions based on their needs. We cover the full lifecycle of a modern software project, in a way that suits our clients the best.

We have offered our services to companies around the world, especially in western Europe. We always work very tight with our clients, giving our ideas, technical expertise and advise based on years of experience in the field.


Adapting to our clients work culture and optimising our collaboration is a key value at .east.

We have worked with startups, big companies, large software teams and SMEs looking to digitalise their processes. Every project has had a unique way of collaboration, optimising the result and creating the best solution together.

We have led projects from idea to launch, we have provided existing development teams with additional expertise and team members, whatever has been best for the collaboration at that time.

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